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Shakey-Cheese Page

Here are some preliminary ideas.  Click on any picture to see the full-size original.
Don't know if this is what you had in mind, so let me know if you have any ideas for changes or if you find any better pictures of Bill on the web (I found some color ones, but some didn't really look like him and others were in formats I couldn't open with my wimpy graphics program).

shakey_cheese.jpg (46488 bytes) shakey_cheese_bw.jpg (44963 bytes) shakey_cheese_logo.jpg (46578 bytes) shakey_cheese_logo2.jpg (46849 bytes) shakey_cheese_logo2BW.jpg (45341 bytes)
1. Cheesehead 2. Cheesehead B&W 3. Cheesehead w/logo 4. Softer cheese edges 5. B&W w/logo
shakey_cheese_logo3.jpg (47655 bytes) shakey_cheese_whitebkgd.jpg (47323 bytes)
6. w/logo white background 7.  no logo white bkgrd
small_shakeycheese.jpg (9813 bytes) small_shakeycheese_bw.jpg (8941 bytes) small_shakeycheese_logo.jpg (9957 bytes) small_shakeycheese_logobw.jpg (9054 bytes)
8.  cheese portrait 9.  portrait B&W 10. portrait w/logo 11. portrait w/logo B&W