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Wine Client-Server Application

The Wine client and server programs were developed in Java using Sun's JDK 1.2.  The application is a multi-threaded server, and client with GUI interface.  The application allows clients to access a database of wines with ratings and comments.  In addition, a client may add a rating or a new wine to the server database.   All icons were homemade using a freeware program called Image Forge (see below).  The program was developed as an assignment for a Client Server class taught by Dr. Joseph Kabara at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Information Science.

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wine002.jpg (10955 bytes)   Command line view after server has been started.

wine004.jpg (15682 bytes)  Client GUI after connecting to server.

wine006.jpg (24060 bytes)  Client displaying results of search returned by server.

wine008.jpg (16576 bytes)  Client interface for adding a wine to the server database.

wine010.jpg (16291 bytes)  Client interface for rating a wine currently in the server database.


Icons Developed for Game (using Image Forge freeware):


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