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Borg Attack Game

Borg Attack was developed in Java using Sun's JDK 1.2.  The game is a multi-threaded application implementing the Runnable interface.  The ships, phaser shots, and torpedo shots were created by extending the Ellipse2D and Rectangle2D classes utilizing synchronized code and methods.  All icons were homemade using a freeware program called Image Forge (see below).  The game was developed as an assignment for an Interactive Systems class taught by Dr. Michael Spring at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Information Science.

Click on any thumbnail below to see the full-size screen capture. (or close this window to return)

image002.jpg (15403 bytes)   Initial game screen

image004.jpg (21087 bytes)  Firing Photon Torpedos

image006.jpg (20350 bytes)  Firing Phasers

image008.jpg (19478 bytes)  Game Paused

image010.jpg (19640 bytes)  Ship Destroyed

image012.jpg (16274 bytes)  After Winning

Icons Developed for Game (using Image Forge freeware):


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