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DIY Acoustic Wall Panels


This is my first attempt at building DIY acoustic wall panels.  The frames are constructed of the following:

1 X 3 fir strips from Home Depot
#6 1-1/2" wood screws

My woodworking skills are minimal to non-existent so I used simple butt joints.  Holes were drilled on the side, top and bottom panels for additional sound absorption.  These were cut using a 1" hole boring bit.  One brace was placed across the middle of the back and four corner wedges were cut and screwed in place to hold the fiberglass panels.

The fiberglass material is 2-foot by 4-foot ceiling tiles that I found at Menard's.  The manufacturer is Capaul, and the model is Strata.  Since these are only one-inch thick, I used two tiles in the panel.  The tiles come with a white textured vinyl backing on one side (which would normally face the ceiling side of your room).  I left the vinyl on the back piece to keep any stray fiberglass particles in place.  For the front layer of fiberglass I peeled the vinyl off.  It came away cleanly and easily.

Here are some pictures of the panels before covering with burlap (click on thumbnails to view full-size image):

panel_1.jpg (104624 bytes)

corner.jpg (85528 bytes)

panel_2.jpg (95237 bytes)

panel_back.jpg (109166 bytes)

Front view of frame

Close-up of corner wedge

Front view with fiberglass in place

Back view with Capaul panels in place

panel_side_detail.jpg (84770 bytes)

capaul_label.jpg (83720 bytes)

strata.jpg (124476 bytes)

tools.jpg (181096 bytes)

Close-up of side hole detail

Label of ceiling tile case

Tiles - note backing peeled from one

My best friends for this project

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