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Impressions of a Home Theater Upgrade
  April 28, 2004


In December 2003 I took my first step into the world of home theater. After a little research I ended up getting a 'modified HTIB' - the 6.1 speaker set from the Onkyo HT-S760 HTIB (model SKS-HT510) and a Pioneer VSX-D912 receiver.  The decision to go with the Pioneer was based primarily on the MCACC auto-calibration system and positive reviews.

Overall I was very satisfied with my choices for a first system.  It provided me an economical entry into the hobby and an opportunity to play and learn.  Needless to say, the upgrade bug hit me within months, and when Best Buy had the Athena AS-F2 floorstanders on sale for $100 off (each), I went to my local electronics store (who had sold me the Onkyo speaker set for a mere $179 in December) and asked them if they could beat the deals at Best Buy.  They were able to knock another $80 off the package price for two AS-F2 fronts, the AS-C1 center, and two of the new AS-R1 bipole surrounds.  I have also just received a PB1-ISD subwoofer that I ordered from SVS.

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